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Mudokwan Martial Arts USA

2600 Kilgore Ave.
Muncie, IN  47304

(765) 896-8191


Head Instructor
Mr. Jeff Glant


Mr. Glant began studying his martial arts training at the age of 20. After spending years training under his Uncle he ventured out to the local martial arts schools but found most had unappealling features to them. Finally after years of searching he walked into the doors of his hometown Mudokwan school. After sitting in and watching the class work Mr. Glant knew this was the type of training he has always been looking for.
Becoming a student of Master Rick Ross, Jeff learned to never give up and persue the endless struggle of perfection in martial arts. Always up for a challenge, the philosophical and physical training of Mudokwan proved to be a perfect fit for Mr. Glant. Also the family aspect of the united schools was inspiring to see. This is an unwatered down martial arts family. A collective group of people dedicated to bettering all aspects of each member through traditional martial arts training.
Accomplishments in Martial Arts:
Dozens of 1st place wins in point sparring competitions.
Multiple 1st place in forms competitions.
Multiple 1st place in breaking competitions.
Heavy weight full contact championship contender.
Has trained professional fighters.
Has trained law enforcement officers.
2011 Hall of Heros nominee
Mudokwan record holder for knife hand concrete break.


Taekwondo means "the way of the foot and the fist". It is the modern Korean unarmed fighting system similar to Japanese KARATE.  Taekwondo is a summer Olympic sport and it is famous for the quality and
quantity of its kicks. Many people believe that TAEKWONDO kicks are the best in the martial art world. Taekwondo is the most popular martial art in the world.


Hapkido means "the way of Harmony". It is one of the traditional Korean martial arts which combines the locking and breaking aspect of Japanese AIKIDO, the throwing aspect of JUDO, the striking aspect of KARATE and the footwork of TAEKWONDO. HAPKIDO structure has more than 270 major techniques, which can be used in more that 10,000 variations. Many people believe that HAPKIDO is the most practical self-defense system, where with minimum of strength, any HAPKIDO trainee can produce dramatic results.


Judo was founded in 1882 in Japan by Jigoro Kano, who modified the more dangerous techniques in JUJITSU and developed JUDO from a martial art to a sport. He also gave JUDO a physical education emphasis and a strong moral orientation. The word JUDO, which originates from the Japanese language, means "the gentle way". JUDO is a social activity, a fitness program, a means of self-defense or combat, and a way of life. JUDO is unique in that all age groups, both sexes, and most disabled persons can participate. JUDO is an inexpensive, year-round activity, that appeals to people from all walks of life.